Steady Stream of Customers Flow Into Some Businesses Despite Bad Weather

At Sandy's Donuts, the decision to open or close isn't one that can be made quickly

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Lots of  businesses are closed because of the weather, but for some, it’s just another day. Some customers are still deciding to brave the conditions.

At Sandy’s, the choice of whether or not to stay open isn’t one that can be made quickly.

“Once those donuts are made we want to get them sold. We can’t decide in the morning we’re going to be closed,” Mark Ostlund, owner of Sandy’s, said.

Karly Westra, a pharmacy student at NDSU, decided to go to Sandy’s to study.

“University was canceled so I decided I didn’t want to be cooped up in the apartment so decided to come out to Sandy’s,” she said.

For Vernon Smith, he actually enjoys going out and driving and picked Sandy’s because it was the farthest coffee shop from him.

“Sometimes it’s just cruising around, as far as the adrenaline, my adrenaline gets pumping if I almost get stuck, but it’s pretty rare. My goal is to just navigate through things without getting stuck and go explore, just see, ‘oh the plows are out here or not,'” he said.

Sandy’s also has their vehicles hitting the road making deliveries because lots of companies have placed large orders to treat their staff.

“There’s a lot of people who have to work. They need food, don’t want to say need donuts but it makes them feel better on a stormy day,” Ostlund said.

The weather certainly doesn’t stop people from coming in.

“The roads weren’t terrible, there wasn’t a lot of snow on them, but snow’s blowing around quite a bit so made it a little scary, but it’s okay,” Westra said.

“It’s less about the speed of getting somewhere and more just the journey,” Smith said.

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