Red River Winter Market Brings Traditional Farmers Market Indoors

The regular season is July - October

MOORHEAD, Minn. — If you want to get some local shopping done but can’t stand being out in the cold, the Red River Winter Market may be the solution for you.

One vendor, Charles Stattelman with Norel’s Hillside Orchard, has been making cider for most of his life.

“My grandpa retired from dairy farming after 50 years, and he must’ve been bored because he planted 1,000 apples trees down at Big Stone Lake,” he said.

Stattelman and his family started using those apples to make cider, and he says the rest is history. Now he’s at the Red River Market sharing the delicious drink.

“I love people watching and interacting with people. There’s no other opportunity to interact with so many people. There’s different types of people, the way they come up to the booth, the way they give you change, it’s cool,” he said.

“We love getting people together, kind of that taste of summer. Our normal season July – October is so far away that it’s fun to get everyone back together for the weekend,” Joe Burgum, co-organizer of the market, said.

The winter market gives people a chance to enjoy a farmers market even though the weather isn’t suitable.

“I was so happy when they told us this was going to be inside, I was like, ‘yes.’ And we get to be next to a huge Viking ship so that’s great,” Stattelman said.

“You can try on helmets and play with shields and swords and stuff here. That was really fun,” Mike Little, senior field correspondent with Count Me TV, said.

The Red River Market is also working to raise money for Giving Hearts Day.

“The great thing about coming to a market like this is running into friends and meeting new ones, seeing all the wonderful charities that are here today and listening to them talk about their missions and as well as having some tremendous local food,” Scott Holdman, host of Count Me TV, said.

There’s no doubt local food has been bringing people together throughout history.

“It’s been part of American culture for hundreds of years. Before we had beer it was hard cider. There’s always been apple trees around. There’s something about cider in the fall time that just gets people in the spirit of the season,” Stattelman said.

“The farmers market really is something for the community by the community,” Burgum said.

The Red River Market hopes to raise $14,000 for Giving Hearts Day.

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