West Fargo Public Works Has All Hands On Deck for Snow Removal

they've been working 24-hours since Tuesday


WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo has all hands on deck to take care of snow removal.

A street foreman for the city says it’s been a challenging year for crews because of the wind. West Fargo Public Works has been doing 24-hour snow removal since Tuesday, with help from every department. Crews will start in snow emergency areas, then around street corners and the residential neighborhoods.

“Just be patient with us. We’ll be out there and we’ll get the residentials opened up and we’ll get down your side streets and get them opened up so we have more storage for the snow,” said Dan Birnbaum, West Fargo street foreman.

Birnbaum also asks for everyone’s patience because they will get to those neighborhoods at night and the equipment will create a lot of noise.

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