West Fargo Public Works

April Snowstorm Has City & State Crews Working to Keep Roads Clear

Both Fargo and West Fargo Public Works crews say they focus on their emergency snow routes first

Roads are getting a bit more than a dusting making for a snowy mid–April. The Fargo Public works crews were out Wednesday getting equipment ready to go. Salt trucks hit the roads early Thursday morning to prep for the expected conditions. “It’s not uncommon to get any snow in April,” Fargo Public Works supervisor Corey Houim said. “When it does…

West Fargo Public Works Has All Hands On Deck for Snow Removal

they've been working 24-hours since Tuesday

  WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo has all hands on deck to take care of snow removal. A street foreman for the city says it’s been a challenging year for crews because of the wind. West Fargo Public Works has been doing 24-hour snow removal since Tuesday, with help from every department. Crews will start in snow emergency areas, then…

People with Disabilities Want Residents, Businesses to Clear Icy Sidewalks

One group calls on residents and businesses to diligently remove snow from public surfaces

FARGO, N.D. — People with disabilities across the metro are having a tougher time getting from place to place in the winter. For Carey McWilliams, walking down the street during the winter could be a challenge. “Snow is kind of the blind person’s fog, it gets rid of any lines to the ground you might have that you can navigate from….