Three People Dead, One Deputy Injured in Nevis Shootings

The deputy has been treated for non-life threatening injuries

NEVIS, Minn. — Three people are dead after shootings across multiple locations in Nevis.

Thursday night before 8, Hubbard County deputies responded to a shooting at a home, which is also a daycare, on the 100 block of Paul Bunyan Trail.

They say there was a dead woman outside the home, and an armed suspect left in the woman’s car. Another victim who was shot was also inside the car.

“They did know each other. That’s as far details as I can give out,” Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes said.

After the suspect shot two victims, he led deputies on chase out to a rural road outside of Nevis, where they engaged in a shootout.

One deputy was struck and his car went in a ditch on County Road 119. Another deputy drove up, and the suspect and officer exchanged gunfire.

The suspect then got back in his car and was later found dead. The injured deputy has been treated for non–life threatening injuries.

“It’s a huge thing. They’re not only my men, my staff, they’re my friends. They’re my coworkers, I treat them more as a coworker than anything. It’s rough. Listening to the radio traffic, hearing people hollering shots fired, it’s tough,” Aukes said.

It’s not clear if the suspect died from a self–inflicted gunshot wound or from an officer’s gun.

“I’m not going to release that at this time. We need to wait for the autopsy results,” Aukes said.

All three bodies have been taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner.

A man who identifies himself as the suspect’s friend says the suspect had a lot of things building up in his life and snapped.

He also said he doesn’t want this to be what everyone remembers him for.

“It’s never happened like this before. We’ve had homicides, yes, but something like this we’ve not seen before,” Aukes said.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating the shooting. More information is expected to be released tomorrow.

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