How to Reduce Ice Buildup Underneath Your Vehicle

Some shops say washing your car at least twice a month can keep the buildup down

FARGO, N.D. — As more snow continues to fall, ice forming under cars could be hurting their ability to perform on the roads.

Auto repair shops have seen more drivers come through their doors seeking some relief from a silent danger lurking under their cars.

“It builds up in the wheel of the vehicle, and it throws off the balance, so when you go down the road, your vehicle will start shaking. It could also affect your handling if you have too much built in your wheel wells, and you can’t turn your wheel all the way,” said Michael Swab, the Service Manager at OK Tire in Fargo.

“It can also lead to potential mechanical failure due to corrosion building up on systems like the brakes or seals throughout the vehicle,” Travis DeVries, the Service/Collision Manager at Matt’s Automotive and Collision Center in South Fargo, said.

Some say the best way to avoid ice build–up under your car is to get it washed at least twice a month and to also park in a warm place like a garage.

“When you’re washing your vehicle, you want to get it washed somewhere where they pressure–wash it, where they use pressure washers because the biggest thing is getting in the places where you can’t see or you can’t reach,” said Conner Trom, the General Manager at Red Carpet Car Wash in West Fargo.

Experts say people consider getting your car to a warm place immediately after a car wash.

“It gets the surface ice and the surface snow but it packs even more snow in more inconvenient places. If you’re just washing it to put it back outside, all that water that’s out on your vehicle is going to remelt up,” Swab said.

Those in favor of washing your car regularly say regular application of lubricants could prevent salt from sealing up doors.

“The damaging effects of the salt I would say would outweigh the drawbacks of potential freezing, and if you use those steps to use lubricants then you could prevent those things from freezing as well,” DeVries said.

Auto repair personnel say another way to avoid rust from ice buildup is to avoid snow drifts and puddles on the road.

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