“If the Dress Fits” Gives High School Girls Free Prom Dresses

This is the fourth year the organization has given away dresses

MOORHEAD, Minn. — “If the Dress Fits,” a non-profit organization, is making sure all high school girls can have a beautiful dress to go to prom.

“Seeing some of these dresses, I’m like, ‘man I wish I had these when I was going to prom.’ I want to try them on and all that kind of stuff so it’s a lot of fun,” Ashleigh Arnston, co-founder of “If the Dress Fits,” said.

Getting ready for the big day can be very expensive, and that’s what inspired Arnston to give back to the community.

“Prom dresses run from $300 to $1,000. Those people that want to go to prom but can’t afford it miss out on that great opportunity. We just wanted to make sure there’s a free option for those girls who do want to attend prom but just can’t afford a dress,” she said.

“My mom went to prom and she said she spent like $300. I’m like, ‘that’s not in my budget.’ I definitely took advantage of this, and I recommended that everybody else would do it,” Maya Hanson, an 11th grader at Enderlin Area High School, said.

Even though some girls weren’t sure what style they were going for, they certainly came out with something they loved.

“[I picked this dress for] mainly the colors just because I wanted something more simple,” Haylee Hanson, an 10th grader at Fargo South High School, said.

“I had like a certain color picked in mind so it was a little more tricky for me. But they had a lot of options, and that was a good thing for me,” Maya said.

With so many options, along with shoes and handbags, girls say it’s best to come with an open mind.

“Come in without any specific thing you’re looking for. Once you come in, there’s so many selections that you’re going to fall in love with so many of them,” Haylee said.

“You might have this picture in your mind, but you might have to give a little lenience and work with what you have and be grateful for what you get,” Maya said.

“It’s so humbling and very gratifying, every year, it just makes all the hard work that we do so worth it,” Arnston said.

It will be both Haylee’s and Maya’s first time going to prom.

This is the fourth year “If the Dress Fits” has given away dresses. The organization is based in Duluth.

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