If The Dress Fits

Local event helps teens find perfect prom dress at no cost

Mersadi Green is a High School Student at Moorhead High School looking to find the perfect dress for prom

MOORHEAD, Minn.- It’s an event that high-schoolers look forward to all year. “I’m shaking with like excitemen,” says Mersadi Greene, a Senior at Moorhead High School. It celebrates the closing of one chapter, and the opening of another. “Just going and creating new memories with friends,” she says. Mersadi Greene is Senior at Moorhead High School and is looking for…

“If The Dress Fits” Collects Prom Dresses To Give Away For Free

The donation drive runs all the way until February 8th

MOORHEAD, Minn. — One non-profit in Minnesota is making it easier to afford a prom dress with its “If the Dress Fits” program. The organization at MSUM takes in old prom dresses and gives them away for free to high school students who might not be able to afford a dress. The group believes every student deserves a chance to…

“If the Dress Fits” Gives High School Girls Free Prom Dresses

This is the fourth year the organization has given away dresses

MOORHEAD, Minn. — “If the Dress Fits,” a non-profit organization, is making sure all high school girls can have a beautiful dress to go to prom. “Seeing some of these dresses, I’m like, ‘man I wish I had these when I was going to prom.’ I want to try them on and all that kind of stuff so it’s a…

“If the Dress Fits” Gives Away Free Prom Dresses at MSUM

High school students can bring their student ID's and pick a dress out for free on Saturday or Sunday at MSUM

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Leave your wallets at home because a free prom dress event is coming to Moorhead. The “If the Dress Fits” event has over five hundred donated prom dresses up for grabs at this weekend’s event. High school students can bring their student ID and pick a dress out for free. Dress sizes range from 0 to 22….