Public Input Meeting Held for University Dr. N. Reconstruction Proposal

The area under construction would be between 32nd Ave. N. - 40th Ave.

FARGO, N.D. — Northern parts of University Drive are getting upgraded to be a little less country and a little more urban.

“The basic plan is just to improve University Drive and turn it into more of a city street,” civil engineer Ron Solberg said. “So it will be more of like your typical city street with curb and gutter and there will be a shared–use path for bikers and pedestrians.”

The proposed reconstruction would focus on the areas between 32nd Ave. N and 40th Ave N. which has a great effect on one area of the city.

“The Riverwood neighborhood seems to be pretty well organized so they had quite a number of people here tonight,” Solberg said. “Which is good – we welcome that. We like their feedback and we kind of cherish their feedback.”

Some of the key features the community is interested in is a roundabout that would replace the four–way intersection at 40th Ave, roads with lanes for both cars and bikes and maintaining the raised elevation of the street.

“It was probably a mixed bag of the perception of the roundabout,” transportation division engineer Jeremy Gorden said. “But it was probably a fifty percent for, fifty percent against, which is about what we usually see on other projects. Everyone is pretty much unanimously in favor of the shared–use path. Folks definitely want to keep the street still high – still elevated – so it doesn’t get blown in with all the snow we have here.”

What makes this particular project a bit more complicated is how close this area is to Hector International Airport.

“We have had a couple of meetings with the Airport Authority and they have gone well,” Solberg said. “But they have also let us know what they need to take care of, and how we need to conform with the FAA rules and regulations. But it does get more challenging than a basic city street.”

With those challenges, it will still take some time before a final plan is worked out, but the engineers said they are confident this project is what the area needs.

If you would like to give your input on the project, you may contact Ron Solberg at or (701) 241-1545.

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