UPDATE: Man Dies After Fire in South Fargo Home Last Friday

UPDATE Wednesday – Fargo Police says 61-year-old Ronald Gant died after being severely burned by a fire in a South Fargo home on Friday February 22nd.

Authorities say the homeowner returned to her home at 1809 30 Avenue South from vacation and found Gant, her roommate, in the basement.

The cause of the fire and Gant’s death is still under investigation.


FARGO, N.D. – A woman comes home to find a body in her South Fargo home.

Police say she came back from vacation to her home on 30th Avenue South around 3:45 PM Friday. A body was inside, and a small fire had also burned in the house. It’s not clear how the fire started and when it was put out.

The fire department had not been called before the body was found.

“He had been living there off and on from what we understand at this point so he was allowed to be there. We don’t know why he is deceased and everything else is under current investigation,” Fargo Police Sgt. Mike Bernier said.

The Fargo Police and Fire Departments and the Red Cross responded to the scene.

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