Xcel Energy Urges Customers to Clear Snow from Gas Meters

Gently move snow with a shovel or brush, never a snowblower

FARGO, N.D. — Xcel Energy is urging its customers to make sure their gas meters and other equipment are cleared of snow and ice.

It’s important so natural gas doesn’t build up from clogged vents. You should also make sure melting snow isn’t dripping on your gas meter.

Gently move snow with a shovel or brush and never a snow blower.

Xcel says there have been multiple cases where crews had to dig out gas meters for people.

“A number of reasons to have those meters visible, dug out: your system will operate better, would be easier for us to find it if there is an emergency in the area, as well as making sure you’re comfortable in these cold, northern nights,” Mark Nisbet, principal of Xcel Energy North Dakota, said.

If you smell gas and believe it’s an emergency, call 911 and the fire department may also work with your gas provider to figure out the problem.

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