Moorhead Dairy Queen’s 70th Anniversary Gets Special Proclamation

The Moorhead Dairy Queen was first built in 1949

MOORHEAD, Minn. — After seven decades as a Moorhead staple, Dairy Queen gets a big announcement from Mayor Johnathan Judd.

To celebrate the downtown landmark, Mayor Judd proclaimed March 1st, 2019 to be Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen Day.

“Why would you not want to promote a small business, especially nowadays, when there’s so much competition, for a business that has been integral in our community for 70 years, it was a no-brainer,” Judd said.

A group of Concordia students celebrated with delicious treats despite the snow.

“We came out here with our whole class to celebrate the beginning of Spring Break, doesn’t really look like it but we’re having a great time,” Mikayla Jackson said.

“It’s a beautiful snowy day, Dairy Queen just opened so we got to celebrate,” Daniel Song said.

“I just learned a fun fact about the dilly bar and how that was made here just by plopping some ice cream on a piece of cardboard and putting a stick in it. And they say, ‘whoa isn’t that a dilly?” and now they have the dilly bar across the country, I think that’s amazing,” Jackson said.

“My favorite part of Dairy Queen is always the blizzard, you order it, they make it, they flip it upside down, it’s black magic or something,” Song said.

Some have come to every opening day since they’ve been in Moorhead.

“The atmosphere here, you come and there’s a line every day, and you always meet new people, and it’s just a great place, they got the best blizzards in the country, best ice cream in the country, that’s why we always come back,” Brady Gullicks said.

“Anytime of year in the Midwest, you can eat ice cream, right?” Judd said.

In honor of the 70th anniversary, small cones and Homemade Dilly Bars were only 70 cents each.

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