Neighbors in North Fargo Find Racist Flyers on Their Cars

One neighbor posted a note on Nextdoor about the flyers

FARGO, N.D. — Several neighbors near Roosevelt Elementary School and NDSU woke up to find racist flyers on their cars.

One neighbor posted a note on Nextdoor that reads in part, “they include violent, racist imagery (including a noose) – please be watchful.”

“It’s just really sad that it’s happening in our neighborhood, it’s disgusting, it’s unfortunate, but also as a scare tactic. It’s also something I don’t really want to pay attention to,” Erin Holdman said.

The flyers read, “all hate crimes are hoaxes.” There a photos of several celebrities and African Americans, along with a noose and Clorox label.

The name of a website is included on the bottom. The site describes itself as the “most censored publication in history.” KVRR reached out to the publisher but has yet to hear a response.

“I hope to see police presence if they catch people in the act, I think it’s also cowardly that they also decided to do this in the middle of the night,” Holdman said.

It’s not clear if specific streets were targeted. Other neighbors KVRR spoke to didn’t find anything on their cars.

“I really hope for strong community support against this kind of behavior. It’s intolerable. We are a growing, diverse community. I myself am not even from the area. If I were any other different race that would be a target against me too,” Holdman said.

She says never expected something like this to happen in her neighborhood.

“There’s certainly a lot of this type of behavior happening nationwide. It’s certainly happening in our community although I don’t think we want to believe that it is. Seeing such an open display of that is certainly concerning,” she said.

Neighbors say they aren’t sure if the Neighborhood Association or police department will get involved. KVRR reached out to both and has yet to hear back.

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