NDSU Police Warns Campus of Burglary in South Weible Residence Hall

One person's wallet was stolen

FARGO, N.D. — The NDSU Police Department is warning the campus after a burglary happened in South Weible Residence Hall Thursday evening.

Around 6:30, police say someone went into a room with no one inside. When the student living there returned to their room, they noticed their wallet was missing.

“I was scared just because it was at 6:30, it wasn’t in the night, it was kind of just random, it freaked me out, we don’t lock our door either,” Grace Fladeland, who lives in North Weible, said.

“We did more last semester, but since there’s three of us it’s just harder because we don’t know each other’s schedules, but we’re probably going to have to start locking it now. I don’t want my things stolen,” Haley Verkuehlen, her roommate, said.

Students say only people who live in the building are able to scan their IDs to get in. The building is also connected to a dining center.

“They would’ve had to see them leave the room to know where the wallet was. It would’ve had to be done pretty fast. I also don’t know the time span between when the person was in there and when they left. Considering it was 6:30, it’s not really at time you’d assume a robbery would happen,” Fladeland said.

Police want to remind everyone to lock their doors and windows and call police if they see anything suspicious.

“There’s so many people… Not because it’s a bad university, but it happens,” Verkuehlen said.

“Especially if you do leave your door unlocked as much as we do, it can happen to anyone,” Fladeland said.

The University Police and Safety Office put out a safety awareness notice on the website. The last time a burglary notice was posted was September 2018.

According to the university’s annual security report, there were six burglaries reported on campus property and five in on campus housing in 2017.

If you have any information about the burglary, call NDSU Police.

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