Pop-Up Snowman-Building Event Gets People’s Creative Juices Flowing

The Visitor's Bureau provided carrots and charcoal to give the snowmen faces

FARGO, N.D. — There’s more snow on the ground than we know what to do with, and the Fargo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is putting that snow to use.

The Visitors’ Bureau set up a pop–up snowman-building event at Island Park.

People have gotten very creative, making snow cats, a snow rooster, even a sunbathing snowman.

“It’s really, really fun, it gives you the chance to be open ended and creative and build whatever you want,” Merill Wiley, 11, said.

The whole event actually started with a tweet.

Ben Sailor of Fargo tweeted about the idea of an event to get people to build as many snowmen as possible and tagged the Visitor’s Bureau as a joke. Turns out they liked the idea and the rest is history.

“I hope it gets people outside. Gives people something to do that they can enjoy outdoors and not feel so miserable about the late season snow we’ve had to put up with,” he said.

Some people driving through Fargo even decided to stop and add a little something themselves.

“I have two of [my cats] at home that I’ve missed over the weekend, so I thought I’d add a couple cats, I see there are some other creative touches out here,” Carmen Sowers of Grand Forks said.

“A snowman is something anyone can build, really doesn’t take any artistic or architectural skill at all to just roll up some snow, and pile it on top of each other,” Sailer said.

“Fortunately since it is this temperature, you can take your gloves off and manipulate with your fingers, the standing up is making sure you have the flat surface on the bottom and in between pieces so they sit on top of each other nicely,” Sowers said.

Even though the event is over, you can still go to Island Park and take a look at everyone’s creations while they last.

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