Red River Water Management Board Discusses Projects and Goals

Conference-goers hear about project issues, funding, and governance

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Red River Water Management Board and the Flood Damage Reduction Workgroup gather every year to discuss the latest plans for managing water.

The Red River Watershed Management Board has been holding their annual meeting for two decades now, but this year, a new Red River Basin Drainage Conference has also been started.

Conference–goers hear not just the physical water projects, but also about case law updates and governance for public projects.

“We’ve been talking about funding, during the first part of the conference, they talked about change, they talked about strategic planning, they talked about conflict resolution,” Robert Sip, executive director, RRWMB, said.

The Watershed Management Board is not involved with the Diversion Project, but they work with federal and state funding to work on over 40 projects in Minnesota.

“We have a lot of things in the works that do protect private and public infrastructure,” Sip said.

Some of the management board’s legislative priorities include getting statewide bonding for preventing flood damage and to get funding from the Clean Water Council for the River Watch program.

The Watershed Management Board’s approved budget for the year is more than one million dollars.

“We spent money of course building these projects, but the amount of money we’ve spent is definitely worth the investment. What we’re protecting from the standpoint of public infrastructure and private infrastructure, that total value far exceeds what we’ve spent,” Sip said.

The conference continues tomorrow where people will be hearing from the National Weather Service about the flood forecast.

Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson and Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd also made appearances at the conference.

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