Cars Moved Out of Collapsed Building at Red River Valley Fairgrounds

As soon as a car is pulled out, fairground staff will contact the owner

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Cars are being moved out of a storage building that collapsed last Friday at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

Fairground staff say they’re getting equipment in place to lift the rafters. About 38 cars out of over 60 have already been pulled out.

It’s not clear how many cars are still functioning. As soon as a car is pulled out, the owner will be contacted.

“It’s a safety issue, we’re going to call you as soon as we know. We prefer you don’t come out and try getting to the building, it is very dangerous around there. My staff is making sure every precaution is being taken, everybody’s got hard hats on, it’s a very dangerous location,” Bryan Schulz, general manager of the Red River Valley Fair Association, said.

He says what happens with the building will be decided by the insurance company and engineers.

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