Morph II Art Exhibit Displays Sculptures Made out of Mannequins

Body parts are painted, then combined into sculptures

FARGO, N.D. — The West Acres Mall is displaying a new art exhibit involving something usually seen in clothing stores.

The Morph II Art exhibit features paintings done on the body parts of mannequins.

Each painting is then transformed into an abstract sculpture.

Students of the Plains School of Abstract Painting made the sculptures, and the parts came from one student’s home.

“Hugo [Sarmiento] told me he had a whole garage full of mannequins that he wanted to get rid of, and I suggested that we paint them, and people took their mannequin parts home, so they were painting on their own,” said Plains School of Abstract Painting instructor Marjorie Schlossman. “They couldn’t see other people’s work.”

The exhibit will be open to the public until the middle of May.

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