Fargo Plans Flood Prep Update While Gov. Walz To Visit Moorhead Monday

Sandbag Central will begin operations on Tuesday morning

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz will talk with local leaders about flood prep in Moorhead tomorrow afternoon at 1 at the Law Enforcement Center.

The City of Fargo will be holding a Public Flood Meeting on Monday morning at 8 just one day before sandbag central begins operations.

The meeting will be in the City Commission Chambers.

Leaders from both Fargo and Cass County are expected to attend for an update on flood prep.

The meeting will be live streamed and televised across the City’s Public Information channels.

Sandbag Central will begin operations on Tuesday morning at the Fargo Solid Waste Department.

The city has a goal of making one million sandbags to be placed in targeted areas.

You can volunteer anytime from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday until the goal is reached.

Volunteer by calling 701-476-4000.

During operating hours, 200 volunteers are needed at all times.

Cass County is seeking volunteers to fill sandbags at the Cass County Highway Shop in West Fargo starting Wednesday and until April 5th.

Cass County needs around 60 people per shift to maximize productivity.

You can contact Cass County’s volunteer coordinator, Chip Ammerman at 701-239-6700.

Moorhead will announce its plans tomorrow.

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