Gov. Walz Discusses Flood Fight with Moorhead Officials

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Clay County is issuing a state of emergency and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz visited Moorhead to speak with local officials.

Walz doesn’t expect Clay County to be “out of the woods” for the next three to four weeks. He stressed the importance of getting ahead with sandbagging. He also said we get better and better each time we prepare for a flood and that stems from the collaboration between the states in the upper Midwest.

“We can’t control the weather or what’s going to happen with the rising water. We can control our responses and our emergency management because again in Nebraska we were rescuing people via helicopter because that was the only way in and hopefully that does not happen here but with a little bit of preparation we are ready to respond,” Walz said.

It’s estimated that Moorhead needs just 150,000 sandbags. Volunteers will be needed starting Wednesday morning at 9:00 at Moorhead Public Schools Operations Center.

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