West Fargo Declares An Emergency to Prepare for Spring Flooding

WEST FARGO, N.D. – The City of West Fargo follows suit with Fargo and Moorhead in declaring an emergency to prepare for spring flooding.

It’s the first step in preparing to request resources from county, state and federal agencies.

The city is preparing for the high potential of 2009 or 2011 flooding conditions.

Mayor Bernie Dardis says the biggest concerns are ice jams and overland flooding in the western part of the city.

The city has also cleared storm drains and made sure Sheyenne River flood gates are working to divert water away from the city.  Sonic gauges have also been installed to monitor river flows.

The city will hire an engineer to help with monitoring surveying and reporting rising water levels.

Property owners are required to make sure their sump pumps are discharging outside by April 1st.

“The Sheyenne Diversion, the condition of the Sheyenne River and the work that our staff has done over the years positions us very well,” Dardis said.

The community can report any changes to river banks, berms or dikes by calling the West Fargo Public Works Department at 701-433-5400 or emailing springmelt@westfargond.gov.

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