Cass County Prepping Residents for Flood Prevention

The County Held an informational meeting to Ready the Public

FARGO, N.D. — After the two most recent snowstorms in the area earlier this month, the risk of flooding has increased, especially in rural areas.

Despite a favorable forecast in the near future that is expected to allow for a slow melting of the remaining snow, Cass County officials are trying to make sure it’s residents are ready to act when the flooding begins.

They held the one of three meetings this week at Bennett Elementary school aimed to help people fight the flood. It focused on the area immediately South of Fargo down to County Road 14.

To cope with the flooding, the county will be building levees in areas that are not too close to Residential neighborhoods. For those who live in these areas, it’s important that they know the necessary steps to take and that they have the equipment needed to combat the floods.

“With the predictions that have come out from the National Weather Service, we want people to be aware of that and to know they had to do previously and just be prepared to act,” City Administrator Robert Wilson said. “Have the gas and the generators and the pumps and if you have had to sandbag previously, maybe start making those arrangements.”

“You know another critical piece is clearing the snow around your home so that you have got a good place to build your sandbag levy,” Cass County Engineer Jason Benson said. “From there, it is the sandbags, and that is the next step that we are doing is starting our sandbag operation”

The County is hoping to get as many as 300,000 sandbags filled so there are plenty for those who will be affected.

While it is unclear how badly this year’s flooding could hit, the County Commission says the County is preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

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