Easton Stick Reveals Offseason Improvements at NDSU Pro Day

Stick threw for 21 NFL scouts at NDSU on Thursday

FARGO, N.D. — At the NFL Combine in the first week of March, Easton Stick really shined with his speed and agility.

Only two quarterbacks ran a faster 40-yard dash, but none of them were quicker in the shuttle run or three-cone drill.

On Thursday, he participated in NDSU’s Pro Day to try and impress NFL scouts with his arm.

Stick threw more than 70 passes as part of a script to show off his accuracy, strength, stamina, footwork and mobility.

“I’ve had three opportunities now to showcase what I can do, and this is the last one,” Stick said. “To be done with those big things is good. There’s still some little steps that we’ve got to take care of within the next month, but it was fun to check that last box.”

A big difference between the NFL Combine and the NDSU Pro Day is who Stick was throwing to. Instead of an assortment of receivers from dozens of teams, he threw to guys he’s been practicing with since his career at North Dakota State began.

“It feels like riding a bike with Darrius [Shepherd] and Nate [Jenson],” Stick said. “Those guys have caught thousands of footballs from me, so with them it was really easy. Then, we put Lance [Dunn] and Bruce [Anderson] in some tough spots playing some receiver, and I thought they did great tracking the football and running good routes. They got to be explosive down the field, so it was fun.”

Bruce Anderson had some praise for Stick as well.

“I thought he did excellent,” the former NDSU running back said. “He threw the ball very well. He hit his spots where only the receiver should catch it, so I think he had a tremendous day.”

But according to Anderson, this wasn’t just the same old Easton that Bison fans were used to seeing on the field.

“His technique kind of changed a little bit, the velocity, his overall mechanics, just the way he throws the ball,” Anderson said. :He was great throwing it in college, but now he’s got a little more zip on it, and he has more understanding of where to put it.”

“The big thing in the workout that we wanted to show is that I could move around and be athletic and that I can make all the throws,” Stick said. “There’s not a throw out there that I’m not able to make, and I thought we did that.”

The first round of the NFL draft is Thursday, April 25.

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