LIVE: Former WWE Wrestler Opens Fargo’s 1st Pro Wrestling School

Pat Tanaka Wants To Groom Fargo's First Great Pro Wrestling Star


Pat Tanaka has been to the top of the wrestling world. We spent years in the WWE, WCW, and has wrestled for promotions around the world.

Now, he lives in Fargo, and wants to train the city’s first great professional wresting star.

He’s partnering with Barbot Boxing in Fargo to launch Tanaka Productions.

He tells Adam Ladwig about his dream to see someone from Fargo step into the ring in front of 100,000 screaming fans.

He says he wants to dispel the notion that wrestling is completely made up.

He says wrestlers are some of the finest athletes in the world, and it takes years of discipline to make it in pro wrestling.

But he wants to teach people the right way to fight.

If you have what it takes, Tanaka is offering free training for one man and one woman who pass a rigorous fitness test during the month of April.



He also brings in some of his students to show off some wrestling moves, as well as putting Adam in a sleeper hold.

You can find out more about Tanaka Productions by calling 719-725-3274 or by emailing

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