Fargo is Being ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ With Flood Plan Changes

The City of Fargo is taking a break from sandbagging operations after filling nearly 400,000

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo is changing its gameplan for 2019 flood preparations.

Officials gathered for an update after the city’s shift in sandbagging operations on Friday and the recent National Weather Service update.

“They’ve done exactly what they need to do,” Cass County commissioner Mary Scherling said. “They’ve got plenty of sandbags at this point and ready to ramp up if we need to again.”

The City of Fargo is taking a break from sandbagging operations after filling nearly 400,000.

Mayor Tim Mahoney says this is the city’s way of being cautiously optimistic.

“With the melt, we are offloading quite a bit of water,” Mayor Mahoney said. “So, when we get this melt at this rate, what happens is a lot of water that we would anticipate coming all at once, is offloaded. So, you can’t build as big of a surge. So we’re very pleased about that.”

While the city remains relatively positive on the flood outlook, the park district is focused on protecting vulnerable spots like the Edgewood area and Jack Williams Stadium.

“We anticipate that 10,000 won’t be enough for our needs but we will move on to making sure we are ready for any potential cleanup that has to take place,” Fargo Park District executive director Joel Vettel said.

On the state level, the Air National Guard says flood preparations gives the guard an opportunity to polish up on exercises they use when it comes to these circumstances.

“In the last eight to ten years we have probably hundreds of new airmen who have never experienced this before so this is a great opportunity to teach them about their state’s mission,” North Dakota Air National Guard Colonel Darrin Anderson said.

With the city easing up on flood preparations and winter in the rear-view mirror, Fargo Fire wants to remind everyone to take precaution while outdoors.

“Curiosity gets out there,” Fargo Fire chief Steve Dirksen said. “The weather is going to start turning nice and people are going to be more active and doing things so just to have that high level of suspicion of what might be going on out there. Be careful if you’re going out there by the river.”

The next Fargo flood meeting is to be determined.

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