Gov. Tim Walz Authorizes National Guard to Support Emergency Flood Operations in Northwestern Minnesota

ST. PAUL — Following severe spring storms across northwestern Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz today declared a peacetime emergency and authorized the Minnesota National Guard to provide support for emergency flood operations, including personnel, equipment, and resources. The assistance is authorized via Emergency Executive Order 22-08. “When our neighbors are in trouble, we step up to lend a hand,” said Governor…

Sandbag Central Operations Suspended after Volunteers Surpass Goal in Four Days

Sandbag Central operations will cease at 4 p.m. on Friday.

FARGO, N.D.–The City of Fargo and Cass County are suspending Sandbag Central operations after surpassing their goal of producing 225,000 sandbags. In just four days, volunteers produced 232,000 sandbags to provide protection from a 38-foot Red River crest. Cass County Commission Chair Chad Peterson said, “We are grateful to the citizens of Cass County and the greater community for their…

Weather Service: Risk of Red River Flooding Down Slightly

There's a 5 percent chance the river could top 39 feet.

FARGO, N.D.–The risk of spring flooding in the Red River Valley has been reduced slightly because of limited precipitation in the last few weeks, although National Weather Service forecasters say there’s still a lot of moisture in the system. The latest outlook released Thursday shows a 50 percent chance that the Red River in the Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota, area…

Man Who Lives Near the Sheyenne River Shares Nearly 60 Years of Flood Stories

Wally Nelson captures his flood experiences in photo albums and says the 1975 flood was the worst

HARWOOD, N.D. – Wally Nelson is no stranger to flood season. He has lived in his Harwood home near the Sheyenne River since 1960. Wally says the flood of 1975 was by far the worst. “Terrible,” Nelson said. “Terrible, yeah. Most people weren’t prepared for it the way it came that deep at one time.” His flood experiences, which are…

Fargo is Being ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ With Flood Plan Changes

The City of Fargo is taking a break from sandbagging operations after filling nearly 400,000

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo is changing its gameplan for 2019 flood preparations. Officials gathered for an update after the city’s shift in sandbagging operations on Friday and the recent National Weather Service update. “They’ve done exactly what they need to do,” Cass County commissioner Mary Scherling said. “They’ve got plenty of sandbags at this point and ready to ramp up…

NDSU Football Players Join the Flood Fight by Filling Sandbags

The NDSU football team came out to sandbag central to help fill as many sandbags as they could in just a few hours

FARGO, N.D.– Before sandbag central closes down operations, the NDSU football team has decided to join the flood fight. The NDSU football team came out to sandbag central to help fill as many sandbags as they could in just a few hours. More than 50 players have helped out today and together they have filled more than 800 bags. The…

Moorhead, Cass County Scaling Back Sandbag Operations

Sandbagging may pick up again if weather conditions change.

Submit Your Photo CASS COUNTY, ND — Both Cass County and Moorhead City leaders have decided to suspend sandbagging operations due to favorable weather predictions. Here are the releases from both Moorhead and Cass County. MOORHEAD, MN — In the first two days of operation, 33,050 sandbags were filled at the Moorhead Sandbag Operations Center. Sandbag filling continues today (Friday)….

F-M Area Students Lend a Hand During Flood Fight 2019

Students of all ages filled sandbags in both Moorhead and Fargo to help the cities reach their goals

FARGO-MOORHEAD– Volunteers are critical to preparing for flooding. Students in the F–M area are joining in to do their part. “It feels good just to help people out with what they are struggling with or just so that they do not have a fear their home being gone,” Carl Ben Eielson Middle School student Landon Docken said. Eighth graders from Carl…

Moorhead is in Need of More Volunteers as Sandbag Operations Kickoff

They have a goal of producing 150,000 sandbags

MOORHEAD, Minn. —  It’s day one of operations in Moorhead as they join Fargo and Cass County in the sandbagging efforts. Sandbagging is nothing new for some volunteers. “I grew up doing this. I’m from a town in southern Minnesota where two rivers meet, and as early as elementary school I remember getting out of school to go through sandbags. It’s…

Chamber Ambassadors Thank Sandbagging Volunteers in Moorhead

This is the first day people started sandbagging efforts for the city

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead officials say if there’s one way to get through the city’s 2019 flood fight, it’s through a team effort. The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and Mayor Jonathan Judd came out to thank all the volunteers who are taking the time out of their day to help the city sandbag. The chamber has previously asked employers…