Sandbagging Operations Begin Today

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — High school students and other volunteers begin the task of filling 200,000 sandbags to hold back floodwaters across the city and county.

This is double the number of sandbags that city and county leaders predicted the area would need just one week ago.

Since the last flood outlook, we have had more snow which could result in more water coming later this month.

Filling sandbags and getting them out to the community has begun today and will continue throughout the week.

City Leaders say that timeframe could be extended into the weekend if necessary.

Ryan Gravalin, an 8th grade teacher from Ben Franklin Middle School in Fargo, expresses why this is important for their students to participate in. He says, “I think it’s just good for them to understand maybe it’s not saving for their neighborhood or their house, but as a community we’re all one group and we want to be there to help everybody.”

Cass County Engineer Jason Benson says they still need volunteers.

If you would like to help out or find out more information head to our website and click here.

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