Fargo Helps Jamestown’s Fall Flood Fight With Free Sandbags

Volunteers will begin making sandbag levees Friday

Courtesy: Darrell HournbuckleJAMESTOWN, N.D. — Jamestown is getting some help from Fargo to fight rising floodwaters. The city is working with the Army Corps of Engineers in evaluating releases from the Pipestem and Jamestown Reservoirs. Both dams are feet above the base of the flood control zone, and rising. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says Fargo is sending 40,000 sandbags from…

Cass County Encourages People to Hold Off on Flood Protection Cleanup

The county expects the crest to hit most area rivers over the course of this weekend

WEST FARGO, N.D.– Cass County is encouraging people to keep their sandbags in place and wait for the second crest to happen. The county expects the crest to hit most area rivers over the course of this weekend. Cass County engineer Jason Benson says we should see some declining river levels at the beginning of next week. Benson says overland…

Oslo Surrounded by Water, Sandbags Helping Erosion on Permanent Levee

the city is getting about 3,000 sandbags from Warren, Minn.

OSLO, Minn. — A town of about 300 people has shrunk to less than 80. Many have left their homes even though the town has permanent protections in place. “We could be an island for a week, we could be an island for a month. There’s so many variables so we just encouraged those who couldn’t be stuck in here for…

North Dakota National Guard Delivers Sandbags in Rural Cass County

They've delivered about a hundred pallets of sandbags since Sunday morning

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — As rivers rise around Cass County and the water seeps over roads and pools into fields, more requests have been coming in for sandbags. The North Dakota National Guard has a mission to get sandbags to those who need them. Sandbags are loaded up from the Cass County Highway Department in West Fargo before being taken out…

Cass County Shares Emergency Flood Measures at Fargo Flood Meeting

County staff and the National Guard are working to deliver sandbags

CASS COUNTY, N.D. – Cass County is not pulling back on its flood protection planning in the slightest. Cass County engineer, Jason Benson, shared the county’s emergency measures at Monday morning’s weekly Fargo flood meeting. The county produced 100,000 sandbags. 60,000 were delivered and 40,000 are ready for back up. County staff and the National Guard are working to deliver…

Rural Cass County Faces Rising Flood Waters

The county has already distributed 80,000 sandbags

HARWOOD, N.D. — Conditions may look fine in a majority of the metro area, but in rural Cass County, that’s not the case. Around Harwood, areas that were once roads or crop fields are turning into giant pools, and they’re not expected to disappear anytime soon. The Sheyenne River is expected to crest at 91.5 feet in the next 24 hours….

Cass County Starts Sending Out Sandbags

If you need to order sandbags, call 701-241-8000

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — Sandbag distribution begins in Cass County for those who need to protect their property against the rising waters. About 30,000 sandbags have already been sent out to people living in the most vulnerable rural areas. Thousands of empty bags along with loads of sand have also been delivered. The county expects to send out 20,000 more sandbags…

Flood Prep Continues in Harwood, ND as the River Crest Creeps Closer

The sheriff's office wants people to know that their main concern is public safety

HARWOOD, N.D.– Cass County is preparing it residents for flooding with informational meetings. The sheriff’s office wants people to know that their main concern is public safety. Whether it’s from flooding or crimes that happen during the flooding. Some tips to prepare for the flood are snow blowing around your house in the areas where you will be putting sandbags, as…

FMWF Chamber Urges Members to Help With Sandbagging Efforts

They hope employers will let workers take time off without PTO to volunteer

FARGO, N.D. — The Chamber of Commerce is urging its members to help with the sandbagging efforts. The organization says permanent flood protection is crucial, because it keeps businesses up-and-running and helps recruit businesses to the metro. The group is asking that employers let their workers take time off without PTO to help with sandbagging. They say the most difficult time…

LIVE: Mayor Mahoney Shares Urgency for Volunteers on First Day of Sandbag Central

Fargo needs 200 volunteers at any given time

FARGO– The city needs 200 volunteers at any given time at Fargo Sandbag Central. The city has a goal of reaching one million sandbags. You can volunteer at Sandbag Central from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. Click here for information on how to register to volunteer. Categories: Morning – In The Community Tags: fargo sandbag central, REGISTER, sandbags, volunteers