Flood Fight Preparations Begin in Cass County and Around The Region

FARGO (KVRR) – The risk of significant flooding has increased since the last outlook due to additional snowfall and delayed melt conditions.

Above normal snowfall and precipitation through winter and spring so far along with the continuation of below normal temperatures is leading to a delayed melt.

Cass County Highway Engineer, Jason Benson says, “We’ve got a lot of snow. We don’t know when it’s gonna start melting but at some point, it is gonna melt and we know we’re gonna have significant flooding.”

After a wet and snowy beginning to winter a more active pattern returned for the second half causing the total snowfall to be above normal for most areas.

Snowmelt timing, thaw cycle, and any additional snow or rain will be the most important factors contributing to the spring flood risk.

“I think 2019 flood levels for a lot those rural areas should be expected.” says Benson.

There is a higher risk of major flooding in several areas of North Dakota.

This includes the Wild Rice River, the Sheyenne River, and the Red River.

There are still some factors yet to be determined including further snowpack growth, rate of snowmelt, and heavy rain in the weeks to come but preparations have already started.

Benson includes that, “You know if you had to put sandbags around your house in the past, you can start preparing by snow blowing a path that you’ll put those sandbags around.”

Some preparations you can take if you think you’re at risk for flooding is to talk with your city, watch flood maps, and purchase sandbags as necessary.

“We know this overland flooding can always be different and we wanna have sandbags available for different rural residents.” says Benson.

Sandbag preparations start this week so make sure you stick with us for your latest flood updates.

Public information meetings are being held this week to discuss upcoming flood fight efforts in Cass County.

The first one is Wednesday night starting at 7 at the Kindred High School.

The second gathering is set for Thursday night at 7 at the Harwood Community Center.

The informational meetings will showcase the potential for significant flooding in these areas.

Cass County officials will give a presentation and answer questions.


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