Sandbagging operations to start Tuesday in Cass County

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) —  “I think we’ve had some wonderful news happen over the last several days when Easter came the sun came out and everybody was happy. And what happened with that was the melting. Well, that’s great, but guess what’s happening there It will flood again this spring. And with a flood comes my vest and come sandbags.” Says Mayor Tim Mahoney. He also said flood preparations need to begin now. 

The city of Fargo and Cass County are hoping to fill 200,000 sandbags before potential flooding in the coming weeks. 

This is double the number of sandbags that city and county leaders predicted the area would need just one week ago.  

“Right now based on our our goal of 200,000 sandbags we’ve got volunteers scheduled through the this week through Friday but also over the weekend” says Cass County Engineer Jason Benson.

Since the last flood outlook, we have had more snow which could result in more water coming later this month. 

After last week’s storm the National Weather Service’s initial forecast expects the Red River to rise to about 30-feet over the next few warmer days and then flatten out as temperatures fall over the weekend, but another rise is likely after that as temperatures are forecast to go up again next week. 

About a mile of temporary flood protection will be required in Fargo of the river reaches 37-feet.  

A crest of 38-feet would require two miles of levees and sandbags. 

Benson said the town of Kindred could see flooding like it did last year.  

He said the Rush River which runs north of Casselton could see near record flooding and could cause additional problems for Harwood, potentially bringing 2011-level flooding. 

He says the timing and duration of the Red River’s crest will be a key factor as well. 

Benson says, “We’re test running both spider machines making sure everything is ready so when our volunteers show up tomorrow we can get going.”

Students and volunteers will be used for the sandbag work at the Cass County Highway Department Building on Main Avenue in West Fargo. 

This will start Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.  

Two sandbag “spider” machines will be in place and the goal is to fill the 200,000 sandbags by Friday. 

City Leaders say that timeframe could be extended into the weekend if necessary. 

If you would like to volunteer, click here.

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