Fargo Mayor Mahoney Says His Level of Concern About A Major Flood Has Dropped

Mahoney says the melt has been near-perfect
Red River March 23 2020

FARGO, N.D. — The risk of significant flooding in Fargo-Moorhead has all but disappeared.

Mayor Tim Mahoney says the melt has been near-perfect and his level of concern has dropped.

He say’s Fargo will probably hit a lower crest of 34 to 35 feet around April 1.

Mahoney says although it will be a major flood over 30 feet, he says we should be able to weather it quite nicely without having to use sandbags.

Volunteers built a stockpile of 220,000 bags earlier this month.

They are being shared with Cass County where flooding in rural areas is still a possibility.

The sheriff’s office has activated its Tactical Operations Center.

A section of Elm Street has closed as the Red River rises.

The area will receive light monitoring and precautions to insure road safety and maintenance.

Traffic will be detoured to 3rd Street North.

The road will remained closed until the flood waters recede.

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