Pembina County Towns Fight Rising Flood Water, Neche Is Land Locked

Neche 1 050222

PEMBINA CO., N.D. (KVRR) — Neche in Pembina County has become an island with the Pembina River cresting at 21.7 feet and holding steady.

The town of about 380 has limited access due to roadway flooding.

The community is building a ring deck around the city.

At Pembina, water is touching I-29, but at this time is not over the interstate.

High school students will be volunteering to fill sandbags on Tuesday and Wednesday with a goal of four thousand bags.

Walhalla and Drayton are steady and stable.

Drayton has added a foot of clay to the dike and foot patrols are underway with a crest expected Thursday.

Cavalier is still experiencing some overland flooding and it forced the sandbag operation to relocate to North Star Co-op.

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