Cass County Delivers 15,000 Additional Sandbags to Rural Areas

The Red River in Harwood is around 91.5 feet high


CASS COUNTY, N.D. — Cass County delivers an additional 15,000 sandbags to areas that didn’t even have water a mile away from them a few days ago.

Take a look here at County Road 20 and 17, where the road is only open to local traffic. County engineers say changing conditions have caused overland flooding north of West Fargo, Harwood, Argusville and Gardner. The Sheyenne River in Harwood is around 91 and a half feet, half a foot from the record of 92 feet.

Cass County engineers say while onlookers may want to see the water, it’s important to stay away for your safety.

“You’ve probably noticed a lot of vehicles driving by. These roads are closed for normal traffic. We have left some of our paved roads that have just a little bit of water open for local traffic because we know local residents need to use these routes. But if you’re just trying to get out and take photos of flooding, we ask that people stay away,” said Jason Benson, Cass County engineer.

Benson says he expects flood waters to last through the end of next weekend and then recede.

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