Farm Rescue Continues Its Journey to Nebraska for “Operation Hay Lift”

Nebraska has needed the most help during the flooding season

FARGO, N.D. — A local non-profit is fighting floods in a different kind of way.

Many trucks are carrying hay bales across the Midwest as part of Farm Rescue’s “Operation Hay Lift.”

Its mission is to deliver these bales to Nebraska to help farmers and ranchers in the state keep their livestock well-fed in the wake of devastating flooding.

“We’d like to give them a hand up, not a hand out, but to offer that assistance so they can get over this hump and keep doing what they’re doing to feed America,” said Carol Wielenga, a member of Farm Rescue’s staff.

The hay bale mission started in North Dakota about two years ago during a drought, but this year, they are facing the opposite problem.

“Gravel went into the pastures, they’ve got piles of gravel on these pastures; they’ll never be the same,” Wielenga said. “So what they need now to keep their cattle healthy and strong, this is what they need. They need the hay.”

Even though Nebraska has been the state that has reached out to them the most, Farm Rescue is an organization that goes wherever it is needed.

“We have hauled a couple loads to southern South Dakota down on the Pine Ridge Reservation as well,” Wielenga said.

Whenever Farm Rescue has gone out on a trip of this size, Wielenga says the biggest takeaway she gets is the appreciation from the farmers.

“They need it,” Wielenga said. “They really do need the help, and we’re there to help them on time when they need it, and that’s a very neat thing to be able to provide.”

As the drivers take off for Nebraska again, they say they want people to know that flooding affects not only land, but also the people and animals on that land.

Farm Rescue has delivered almost 40 loads of hay to Nebraska over the past three weeks.

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