UND President Kennedy Suggests Board’s Opposition to remote chief-of-staff Was Racially Motivated

GRAND FORKS (KFGO) – Outgoing University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy’s remarks to a Colorado newspaper suggest that a recent disagreement with the Board of Higher Education over allowing his chief of staff to work from a remote location may have been racially motivated.

Under the arrangement, Kennedy suggested that Angelique Foster could work from Texas and receive $114,000 per year salary and up to $25,000 in travel expenses.

Board member Dan Traynor said he rejects the notion that a chief of staff position can be properly performed remotely for any extended arrangement.

Kennedy told the Boulder Daily Camera he feared that “some people couldn’t understand how a young African-American woman from the South could be as qualified and worthy” to do the job as others.” Kennedy added “I’m quite confident it is about more than remote working.”

He says he’s the only finalist for president of the University of Colorado system.

Kennedy issued a message to UND faculty and staff, saying he will visit the Colorado campuses later this month before the board of regents makes a formal appointment.

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