Red River in Fargo-Moorhead Expected to Reach Second Crest Soon

It crested last week at 35 feet


RED RIVER VALLEY — After our latest snow storm, meteorologists from the National Weather Service say you can expect the melt over the next few days to create some more flooding.

They say the good news is much of that snow fell in the south, so the water will slowly move up north. Most of the rivers in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota are cresting right now. Fargo-Moorhead’s Red River crested last week at 35 feet. It’s expected to crest for a second time towards the end of the week at 32 feet.

“Because of the snow, the water levels will be elevated for a prolonged period of time. They were going to be long already and now they’re just going to be a little bit longer. So that’s probably the biggest influence from the winter storm,” said Ryan Knutsvig, National Weather Service meteorologist-in-charge.

He says rain is expected mid-week which may affect the southern part of the Red River Valley.

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