President Trump Touts Tax Bill With MN Business Roundtable

BURNSVILLE, Minn. –┬áPresident Donald Trump says he’s celebrating Tax Day with a visit to Minnesota.

He highlighted the $1.5 trillion package of corporate and individual tax cuts he signed into law in 2017.

The president says the economy is doing well. He also said his tax cuts are “working very, very well.”

A smattering of boos rose from the audience after he said “today is Tax Day that we’re celebrating.”

The president hosted a business roundtable and says the end of socialism is near.

“All socialism is a method into the poor house. You know, socialism is not so easy to beat when an economy is really doing well like ours… We may have the best economy we’ve ever had.”

Trump narrowly lost Minnesota to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 but hopes to claim victory here in 2020.

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