Shopping For Equipment Needed for Flood Cleanup

Northern Tool and Equipment has been seeing a lot of construction workers and farmers within the past two weeks

FARGO, N.D. – People in our region are starting to think about the tools and equipment they need to clean up after our spring flood fight.

Fans to dry flood impacted areas, pumps to move water from point A to point B, and pressure washers are all things to consider having on hand.

An assistant store manager at Northern Tool and Equipment says they have been seeing a lot of construction workers and farmers coming in the past two weeks.

He says homeowners have uses for they types of equipment not only during flood season, but all year long.

“For a first time homeowner, it’s really crucial to have at least a basic water pump for your basement, also a couple of fans to keep things moving along,” senior assistant manager Todd Sheppard said. “Even if it’s not just for water, it could be for just trying to stay cool when you’re working on a new project out in the backyard or the garage.”

Northern Tool and Equipment also offers services for equipment care.

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