WF South Elementary Students Take Part in Full-Scale Emergency Exercise

The students were transported to the West Fargo Sports Arena during the 5th annual relocation exercise

WEST FARGO, N.D. – West Fargo Police and the school district are practicing the actions they would take in case of an emergency at one of the schools.

The more than 400 students at South Elementary School participated in the district’s 5th annual full-scale relocation exercise.

The students evacuated the school with a fire drill and were transported to the West Fargo Sports Arena.

The arena is one of three locations the district has in place for an emergency situation.

“If the worst day were to happen at one of our schools, we need to know that we have plans and procedures not only in place but also practiced so that we know what we’re doing when the emergency happens,” West Fargo school safety and security coordinator Heather Leas said.

The district’s full-scale exercise takes place once a year.

Next year, L.E. Berger Elementary will take part in the exercise.

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