Klobuchar Explains Why She Doesn’t Support Free College in CNN Town Hall

MANCHESTER, N.H. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar participates in her second CNN town hall during the 2020 election season.

The Democrat touched on issues from high prescription drug prices to student debt.

Klobuchar says she does not support free college for students like fellow presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren.

She says she does have a plan when it comes to addressing the high price of student loans. It calls for refinancing, expanding Pell Grants and bringing back former President Barack Obama’s plan for free community college.

“I wish I could staple a free college diploma under every one of your chairs. I do. Don’t look. It’s not there. I wish I could do that but I have to be straight with you and tell you the truth,” Klobuchar explained.

Klobuchar says everything she has proposed she has a way to pay for.

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