Rapper Chief Keef Pleads No Contest to 2017 Drug Charges in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Chicago rapper Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart pleaded no contest to drug charges after he was arrested at the Sioux Falls airport in 2017.

Cozart was arrested after four blunts and marijuana edibles were found in his carry-on bag. Cozart’s no contest plea means he’s not saying he’s guilty, but he’s allowing the court to treat him like he’s guilty.

Cozart’s lawyer requested a suspended imposition, meaning if Cozart meets the probationary requirements, it won’t go on Cozart’s record.

Judge Sogn granted the request, as long as Cozart isn’t arrested for a class one misdemeanor or above for one year. Cozart’s lawyers argued that the legal status of edibles is “confusing at best.”

“There’s judicial discrepancies throughout the state in different courts, pertaining to what is tetrahydrcannibol, whether it comes from a plant of natural origin, whether it’s marijuana. Some have said yes, it’s marijuana and others have concluded it’s tetrahydracannabinol,” says Attorney Grant Alvine.

Cozart was also ordered to pay roughly $700 by May 19th

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