Gov. Tim Walz Discusses Rural Issues at Fergus Falls’ State of the City Address

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ends his trip in Fergus Falls by attending the City address with a message of a united Minnesota.

The Democrat got a standing ovation when he was introduced at Kennedy Secondary School. People were excited to have him as they believe it shows his commitment to the rural communities of the state.

The governor agreed to come speak after he had Fergus Falls Mayor, Ben Schierer, as a guest at his most recent State Address.

Governer Walz was eager to speak to the citizens of Fergus Falls about local issues such as Education, Agriculture, and the building of the city’s new park in Downtown. He says he knows the impact these smaller towns have on greater Minnesota and feels it is important for them to know they are just as much of a priority as the State’s bigger cities.

“If Fergus Falls is thriving, Fairmont is thriving. If Mankato is thriving, Minneapolis is thriving. The term I use in One Minnesota and it is embodied in a one Fergus Falls. We made the decision that the state would not allow zipcode to decide what your schools look like and we funded them in way that made sense. Those are decisions and chooses that can be made,” Walz explained.

During his trip, the Governor also made a stop at Lake Region Health Care and for Dinner he visited Union Pizza a restaurant in town owned by Mayor Schierer.

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