Rivers, Overland Flooding Receding in Cass County

Engineers say levels could be back to normal within next week

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — Cass County engineers say things are looking pretty good along the rivers.

In fact, they believe the water may get to a normal level within the next week.

“We’re seeing a good reduction in flood flows on those rivers and a lot of the overland flooding has really gone down throughout the rural parts of the county,” said Jason Benson, Cass County engineer.

That means engineers can finally assess the damage and start repairs.

“Our goal is to open up at least for one lane of traffic to get through some of these washout spots so that local traffic that need to use it can get home,” Benson said.

County Road 32 northwest of Harwood has been reopened.

County roads 22, 20 and 31 still need repairs near Harwood.

That also includes County Road 4 east of Argusville.

“Those roads had the most severe washouts and also because of the impacts of the red river, they had the longest flooding on them,” Benson said.

Once waters recede to about 25 feet, the county can start cleaning up debris.

“There may be some larger logs that drifted out of the river bank and across the field and is now laying up against the shoulder of our road,” Benson said.

If anyone starts to clean up on their own, engineers urge people who plan to get rid of debris by burning it to do so safely.

“Just be aware of the conditions and call ahead to your rural fire department so that those departments know who might be during a burn so if there’s a phone call about burning going on, they’re already aware and understand it’s a controlled burn and not an emergency,” Benson said.

Cass County hasn’t sent out any sandbags in almost two weeks.

Instead, it’s begun collecting sandbags.

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