‘Do It All Downtown’ Is Implementing Its Master Plan For Downtown Fargo

Do it all downtown is working on implementing a master plan to bring more people to the downtown Fargo area

FARGO, N.D.– The group do it all downtown is hosting a series of panels to generate discussion and ideas around getting the downtown Fargo area to thrive.

Do It All Downtown is working on implementing a master plan to bring more people to the downtown Fargo area.

Through the seven priorities, they hope to bring both consumers and businesses to the region.

The discussion on May 8 was about prospering as a business center by increasing the number and types of businesses in the downtown area.

People are able to ask questions and have an open discussion with panelists likeĀ  Fargo City Commissioner Tony Grindberg, membersĀ  of the websites Fargo Underground and Folkways and a commercial real estate broker.

“It’s important to understand concerns and what are the challenges, and then what’s the city’s role in identifying solutions for those,” said Fargo City Commissioner, Tony Grindberg. “And then looking to partnerships, whether it’s the downtown community business partnership, or it’s the economic development office, or the chamber or neighborhood groups, we all need to be on the same page as far as seeking solutions for challenges.”

Creating a discussion allows community members to voice their opinions and concerns about the plan, and know that they are being heard.

“I want people to walk away feeling like this isn’t something that’s going to just sit on a shelf and that we are actively working to make sure the objectives in the downtown master plan are really on the forefront and that we’re working towards getting those things achieved,” said co-founder of Do it All Downtown, Josie Danz.

Panelists are discussing concerns like access to the downtown area, the lack of parking and strengthening local retail.

Questions like property tax increases on small businesses and the possibility of food trucks in the area are also some concerns of the people in attendance.

“Downtown’s open for business and it’s going to be a great summer with a lot of activities and come downtown and enjoy what’s to offer,” added Grindberg.

The group is excited to keep working on the master plan and hopes that they can reach their goals in the downtown area.

The next panel will discuss how they plan to get the downtown area thriving as a destination.

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