Third Largest Class of UND Graduates Receive Their Diplomas

Sec. of Air Force Heather Wilson gave the commencement speech

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — It’s that time of year again… students across the country are taking the next step in their lives, but not before getting their diplomas.

2,064 students were eligible for graduation at UND;  this year saw the third largest class of graduates in the school’s history.

But taking this step has some graduates on edge.

“It’s growing up. It’s hitting pretty hard right now, so it’ll be interesting,” Paul Ranisate, a marketing major, said.

“We’re getting ready for adult life, and we’re done with school so got to start preparing for everything,” Micaela Higlin, a financial economics major, said.

Some had an inkling for what they wanted to do… while others never expected to end up in the fields they’ll be pursuing.

Beyond the essays, the group projects, and exams, students definitely met people who will have a profound impact on them after those years on campus.

“If I didn’t come here…we wouldn’t be in the same spot that we are now and I think that’s kind of crazy to think about,” Higlin said.

No matter what students studied here at UND, they say the one thing that’s helped them through their years here is their connections with other people.

That was certainly the case for four chemical engineering students who bonded through classes.

“The last year was probably the closet we’ve all been. Spent most of our time in the computer lab together, it was crazy,” Beau Tetreault said.

Commencement speaker U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson left students with the message to never settle. Say ‘that’s not good enough’ and push for better.

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