Retzlaff, Talley Preparing for Multiple Events at West Track & Field Prelim

NDSU has 22 student-athletes competing for a shot at Nationals

The next stage of competition for collegiate track and field is the East and West Preliminaries.

North Dakota state has 22 student-athletes competing at the west prelims this week, and five of those athletes are competing in multiple events.

Throwers Bailey Retzlaff and Alex Talley each have a very real possibility of earning a trip to nationals in both events.

To do that, they would need to finish top 12.

Retzlaff and Talley will each compete in the hammer throw and shot put, where they rank in the top 20.

The preparation for these two goes beyond the weight room and the throwing cage. It’s also a mental challenge.

“I like to visualize a lot,” Retzlaff said. “But, at the same time, you can’t expect your throw to end up like that, so you kind of have to just go with what it gives you that day and also just come in and be like ‘I’m going to get to nationals. I’m going to get focused.'”

Visualization is something Talley has done since high school.

“If you can’t see yourself doing it, then you won’t be able to do it,” Talley said. “If you just lay in bed at night and think ‘hey, if I nail this throw, it’s going to go far. I’m going to go to nationals. That’s what it’s about.'”

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