Sen. Hoeven Works To Get New Manned Flying Mission For Fargo’s Happy Hooligans

The 119th Fighter Wing retired its F-16's after a realignment recommendation in 2005

WASHINGTON —¬†Work is ongoing in Washington, D.C. to secure another manned flying mission for Fargo’s Happy Hooligans.

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven met with Lieutenant General L. Scott Rice, the Director of the Air National Guard.

Hoeven says he is working to advance priorities of the North Dakota Air National Guard.

They talked about a new operation facility for the 119th Wing MQ-9 mission and tuition assistance.

But they also touched on a new mission to go along with the Reaper drone program.

“The other thing we really focused on was working to get a new manned flying mission for the Hooligans and that would be the light attack aircraft and I’m hopeful that we’re able to get that,” said Hoeven.

The 119th Fighter Wing retired its F-16’s after a realignment recommendation in 2005 by the Department of Defense.

Hoeven says he’s also working on a tuition assistance program for the Air National Guard that is similar to one by the Army National Guard.

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