Garage Sale to Help a Group Supporting Parents Who Lost a Child

The Office Sign Company is hosting its semi–annual garage sale and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Hopeful Heart Project

DOWNTOWN FARGO, N.D.–They might seem like left over odds and ends.

But to some parents, they are a sign of hope.

The Office Sign Company is hosting its semi–annual garage sale and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Hopeful Heart Project.

The local nonprofit is dedicated to providing care packages, support and resources to families who have lost a child.

The co–founder of the project says she started the organization so other parents who have walked in her shoes, know they are not alone.

“Finding that other support person was a light in the tunnel,” says co-founder of Hopeful Heart Project, Jennifer Burgard. “It truly was. I spent seven months feeling confused isolated and alone. Family and friends are really supportive, but finding that other person that understands, that understand the deep grief and deep longing that you have your child that’s no longer there.”

Jennifer never gave up hope of having another child.

“I was blessed with another son named Leo just last fall, and it was a challenging pregnancy and the great thing about our organization is that it provided me support during that really incredibly hard journey as well,” added Burgard.

And that’s why employees of the Office Sign Company knew they had to help.

The group is selling everything from leftover signs to coffee mugs and Fargo apparel.

“I really love what Hopeful Heart is about because they provide resources and services to help them get back into the community,” says public relations coordinator for Office Sign Company, Rylee Wznick.  “And as difficult as it is for them to carry out a normal life after that they really encourage that and it’s something that I think is really special.”

Fundraisers like these will help parents who have suffered a tremendous loss get the help and support that they need.

The project is founded on three pillars: hope, healing and support.

Burgard says her life was never the same after she lost her child.

“You don’t move on from a loss like this, you just live differently,” said Burgard. “You have to learn how to live differently. That love will never end and we want to continue to support parents who went through what we went through.”

It’s a community support system that comes full circle.

The goal of the garage sale is to raise $1,000.

For more information about the work The Helpful Heart Project does, click here.

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