MN Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Red Light Runners With New Equipement

SAINT CLOUD, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has new technology to crack down on drivers running red lights.

The State Patrol showed off its new enhanced red light enforcement program in Saint Cloud.

Through a 90 day pilot program, cameras at State Highway 15 and Second Street, one of the most dangerous in the state according to DPS, will livestream video of the intersection to police vehicles.

If officers see drivers running a red light, they can quickly stop the car, identify the driver and write them a ticket.

“Some people have lack of patience, some people are in a hurry. We’re asking people to just slow things down, stop at red lights. Knowing that the hands free law is taking affect August 1st, good idea for everybody used to that law and go hands free prior to that law.”

Officials say there have been 22 deadly crashes and more than 2,000 serious injury crashes because of red light runners in Minnesota in the last three years.

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