Alabama Man Travels Country to Mow Lawns for Veterans, Makes Stop in Fargo

Rodney Smith Jr. will go to Minneapolis, then Hawaii and Alaska

FARGO, N.D. — An Alabama man is touring all 50 states to accomplish one goal: give back to the men and women who have protected our country.

In our lead story, KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us why he’s close to completing his journey after making a stop in Fargo.

It takes seeing something you don’t agree with.

“Back in 2015, I saw an elderly man mowing his lawn and it looked like he was struggling so I pulled over to help him out,” said Rodney Smith Jr.

To really start making a difference.

“That night I decided I would start mowing free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms and veterans,” Smith said.

As a way to fulfill the urge to give back, Rodney Smith Jr. founded Raising Men Lawn Care Service. He’s putting an emphasis on helping servicemen and women this summer.

“I want to put a quotation around that veterans because especially our veterans. They’ve done so much. They’ve served this country. Now it’s time for us to serve them.”

Every summer, he grabs his yard tools to travel across the country to mow at least 50 lawns free of charge. He is taking care of three yards in Fargo for veterans and their families.

“Why would anybody want to come over to my place and cut the grass? He’s one hell of a guy,” said Bob Shirley, a World War II veteran.

“I was super excited when I saw what he was doing and the challenges going on across the country because of it,” said Ashley Hanlan, who’s husband is in the ND National Guard.

Rodney will then post each lawn he mows on social media to inspire the younger generation to mow 50 yards in their own communities.

“I’ve across veterans where the grass is high and they ask for help in their community and they told me that no one will come by and mow their lawn. I need to bring awareness and of course, get them out there to do the same as me,” Smith said.

As he comes close to the end of his journey, Rodney is leaving an even bigger impression on all those he’s taken the time to visit.

“It’s my pleasure to even have him come over and walk on my grass,” Shirley said.

It’s a walk Rodney will be proud to do year after year.

Rodney started his trip on May 5th.

He will go to Minneapolis next and then head to Hawaii and Alaska.

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